Sunday 24th September 2017
Doors 7.00pm
Admission £13


Slim Cessna's Auto Club is an American experimental rock band, originally formed in 1992 in DenverColorado. The constant in the band has been Slim Cessna, formerly a member of The Denver Gentlemen along with David Eugene Edwards and Jeffery-Paul of 16 HorsepowerJay Munly (often credited as "Munly Munly") is also a key member of the current lineup of the band. In addition to contributing songwriting, vocals, guitar, and banjo, he also serves as a sidekick to Cessna on stage.[5]

Their music includes elements of country bluesgospelfolk and other forms loosely grouped as Americana or alternative country. The Auto Club is sometimes labeled Southern Gothic due to the juxtaposition of apocalyptic religious imagery with stories of alcohol, violence, and relationships gone awry.[6]

The other current members are Lord Dwight Pentacost, Rebecca Vera, Ian O'Dougherty, and Andrew Warner. Former members of note are John Rumley (who also crafted many of the stringed instruments used, including Lord Dwight's double neck guitar), The Peeler (Todd Moore), Danny Pants (Daniel Grandbois), Robert Ferbrache, Ordy Garrison, Jon Killough (who also did the artwork for the 2005 live CD Jesus Let Me Down and "Buried Behind the Barn"), Shane Trost, Whiff (Steve) Cessna, Caleb Roberts, Frank Hauser Jr, Judith Ann Winters, Tim Maher, Reverend Glasseye, and Chadzilla (Chad Johnson).

In March 2008, the band released their fourth studio album, titled Cipher, on Alternative Tentacles Records.[7]

Their fifth studio album, Unentitled, was released in March 2011.[8]

April 2013 saw the release of "SCAC 102 An Introduction For Young And Old Europe" on Germany's Glitterhouse Records,[2] which included a selection of fifteen songs from their studio albums ("Always Say Please & Thank You" and later). Five of the songs were re-recorded for this release. "SCAC 102" also included a live performance DVD which was filmed in April 2012 at the Lion's Lair Tavern in Denver, Colorado (produced by Nick Hansen-MacDonald and Trinocular Films).

In March 2015, the band created their own record label, SCACUNINCORPORATED. The label's web site stated that "SCACUNINCORPORATED Records is the American home for the past and future recordings of Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, DBUK, and Munly & the Lupercalians." The first release by the label, also in March 2015, was a re-issue (this time for the US) of "SCAC 102 An Introduction For Young And Old Europe." The label's second release, in October 2015, was the debut album by DBUK (Denver Broncos UK), "Songs One Through Eight." DBUK is an experimental folk quartet composed of Auto Club members Munly Munly (vocals, guitar), Lord Dwight Pentacost (vocals, autoharp, melodica, banjo, percussion), Slim Cessna (vocals, percussion, washtub drum), and Rebecca Vera (vocals, cello, keys, percussion).

In September 2016, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club released their sixth studio album, titled “The Commandments According To SCAC," on SCACUNINCORPORATED (North America) and on Glitterhouse Records (Europe.) The album was recorded with a new bassist, Ian O’Dougherty. Drummer Andrew Warner joined the group in the summer of 2016.